Toddler Easter Basket Guide



It’s the first week of April and Easter is right around the corner! If you’re looking for  Toddler Easter Basket ideas, I’ve put together a guide with a few of my “favorite things”. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and that I have tested all of the products mentioned. Happy Shopping!

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St. Patty’s Toddler Fun

With St. Patty’s around the corner, we’re getting excited to celebrate! Here are a few ideas to make the day fun for your toddler:

Green Smoothie

We love green smoothies in our house! It’s a great way to pack Em full of nutrients and an easy snack to bring when we’re on the go. Celebrate the day by serving our favorite toddler approved smoothie. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Avocado
1 banana
1/2 cup of yogurt
Handful of chia seeds
Milk ( Any variation: Almond Milk, Whole Milk or Goats Milk, Cashew, Kiefer etc.)

Directions: Add all of the ingredients and blend until it’s smooth. Serve it up in your favorite straw cup(our favorite is the Lollacup). Enjoy!

Green Eggs

Emory loves eggs and it’s the perfect breakfast to sneak in spinach and adds protein to her diet. Here’s what you need:

2 eggs
1-2 handfuls of spinach or kale
1/4 milk
2 tablespoons of water

Blend the spinach or kale with a little water until it is smooth.

Beat the eggs and add the spinach/kale mixture.

Stir in cheese

Spray your skillet and add the egg mixture. Scramble until the eggs are cooked well.

Variation: Make a fritta. Add the egg mixture to the pan and let it cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes until it’s firm. Put the pan in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-2o minutes ( until it is cooked).

St. Patrick’s Day Books– Celebrating the holiday wouldn’t be complete without some St. Patrick’s Day reading! Of course, we visited Children’s Book World to find some books. It’s truly the most magical bookstore in LA.  I could spend hours there browsing through the literature, which I plan to do as soon as I have a little mommy time. I found two titles that toddlers will love and can be added to their St. Patty’s Day book collection!

Hooray For St. Patrick’s Day by Joan Holub and illustrated by Paul Meisel– This book is a hit because it has interactive flaps. In addition to the flaps, this book will grow with your child because it provides information about how people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you look closely, it’s also fun to find the leprechaun hiding on each beautifully illustrated page.

Lucky Tucker written and illustrated by Leslie McGuirk – Em loves dogs and we’ve read this book over and over again, as she points to the dog on each page. It’s a cute story about a little puppy that starts off having a bad morning until he rolls in a bed of clovers that is being watched over by a leprechaun and  his luck changes. The simple illustrations on each page add to the story and showcase things that make St. Patrick’s day lucky for a dog! I know this will be a favorite in our house for many years.

Lucky Charms

Can we really celebrate this holiday without Lucky Charms? Lucky Charms just happens to be my favorite cereal and every year I treat myself to a bowl (or two) on St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky Charms can also be used as a learning tool for older toddlers (2+). Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Grab a cup of Lucky Charms and have your toddler sort the marshmallows. Have your toddler count the number of marshmallows in each pile.
  • If you want to get more advanced, have your toddler create a graph using your marshmallows. Talk with your toddler about their graph which marshmallow had the least/most and why. Here’s a quick and easy sample graph I made using post-it notes, sharpies and art-paper( can’t you tell I’m a teacher)?

Green Bath

End the day with a green bath! Crayola Bath Dropz bring life to any bathtub because they change the water to bright Crayola colors. Best of all, the tablets are fragrance free, dissolve quickly and the color washes away at the end of bath time.

If you’re looking for more great St. Patrick’s Day Ideas head over to the What Mom’s Love Site!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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 Products for Mixed Kids With Curly Hair

Photo Courtesy of Katee Grace Photography 

Having a bi-racial daughter means thick hair and lots of beautiful curls. Maintaining her hair will be an on-going process, as she grows and her hair changes, but I’m hoping we can keep the process fun! I thought I’d share what’s working for us(at the moment), in hopes that it will help someone else!

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