Toddler Easter Basket Guide



It’s the first week of April and Easter is right around the corner! If you’re looking for  Toddler Easter Basket ideas, I’ve put together a guide with a few of my “favorite things”. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and that I have tested all of the products mentioned. Happy Shopping!

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 Products for Mixed Kids With Curly Hair

Photo Courtesy of Katee Grace Photography 

Having a bi-racial daughter means thick hair and lots of beautiful curls. Maintaining her hair will be an on-going process, as she grows and her hair changes, but I’m hoping we can keep the process fun! I thought I’d share what’s working for us(at the moment), in hopes that it will help someone else!

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Breathe In So You Don’t Freak Out

Need a break from the holidays? My amazing cousin-in law, who also happens to be a Boston Yogaworks instructor, is our guest columnist on the blog this week! Read her advice for the holiday season below.

Life hack alert:  For on the go moms that don’t have a lot of time, she has virtual yoga consultations to help you carve out time for your yoga practice. 

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Shopping List to Survive Plane Travel with a Toddler



Traveling with a toddler is EXHAUSTING! Gone are the days of binge watching tv or reading a good book. Now, your main objective is to make sure your baby is entertained. Here are a few tips that helped make my five hour flight to Maine a bit more bearable….. but trust me I’m not looking forward to our next flight!

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