Bye-Bye Binky

Before I had a baby, I was always the mama that swore her kid would never have a pacifier. Well, that all changed when Em came along because it helped her sleep, which meant that we could sleep, too! With all good things, we knew that our days with the pacifier were numbered, and so when Emory turned a year, we started to transition away from it. We are thrilled to say that now at 21 months we are completely pacifier free! Here’s how we eventually weaned Emory from her pacifier, and yes she is sleeping through the night! Please note that all of the ideas are solely what worked for us and may not work for every child.

    1. Limited Use– Starting at a year, we limited the use of the pacifier to naps and bedtime. She protested at first, but quickly got used to our new routine. It also curbed my stress around making sure that pacifiers were in so many different places ( car, crib, stroller, diaper bag etc).
    2. Reading– Of course we read a book! Bye-Bye Binky by Maria van Lieshout was suggested from a friend, and I immediately ordered it. The book is about a little girl who is too big for her binky and gives it away to a little girl that needs it more. Emory loves the book (mainly the pictures of the little girl) and I do think it helped her to start understanding the concept of separating from a beloved object.

 3. Saying Goodbye- For an entire week, we talked about how the pacifier was going “bye-bye” because it was broken and practiced holding onto her lovey instead to help her fall asleep. Our conversations and practice paid off because she now holds on tightly to her lovey to fall asleep and has totally forgotten about her pacifier.

4. Cold Turkey–  We were forced to go cold turkey because Emory was chewing through her pacifiers. The first night was pure hell (make sure that you have your wine ready)! Em screamed “paci” for 2-hours. I would go in about every 15 minutes and readjust her blankie until she finally feel asleep. The second night, the crying was a little less, and she was asleep in about an hour. By the fourth night, I swear Em was snuggled with her blankie, and went right to sleep without even looking for her paci. From that night forward, she’s never asked for a paci and we are officially pacifier free! I was hesitant to go cold turkey, but now I’m glad that we did because it’s over and we don’t have to stress about getting rid of it anymore.

Final Thoughts: If you are on the fence about taking the pacifier away, I wouldn’t suggest starting the transition before a a major life event, such as switching to a toddler bed or traveling. Ease into it, and pick a time that is calm(if that exists) to ensure an easier transition. Good luck!

A Few More Pacifier Book Recommendations

Pacifier Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick and Illustrated by Marieka Heinlin

Blinky by Leslie Patricelli

No More Pacifier, Duck by Michael Dahl and Illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 


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